The Modest Bakkie Just Got Better With Drop Sides

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Published: 22nd December 2010
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The good old 'bakkie' as it is fondly referred to, by South Africans is known to the rest of the world as the workhorse. This is the most versatile and handy vehicle around, and the uses of this vehicle are endless. Whether it is used for personal use or business use, we have all at some time or the other needed the help of the workhorse. I am very pleased to announce that the bakkie has gotten even better, with drop sides on the load box for even easier transportation.

If you are a tradesmen such as; an electrician, a plumber or a carpenter, or if you have your own small business and need to buy stock as well as transport it, or if you are a farmer. I am almost one hundred percent sure that you have a bakkie. If you have come to rely on the bakkie then I am sure you are you will be happy to know that the drop side bakkies make the transportation of heavy goods even easier.

When you need to load heavy objects onto a bakkie, it is usually the angels which can cause the biggest headache. Trying to get a heavy object such as a sofa for example needs to be loaded onto the bakkie at an angel, and this is where you need the extra space. Having a bakkie with drop sides makes this problem a thing of the past.

Structure of the drop side bakkie.

The structure of the bakkie made up of a passenger section and then a load box. The load box is a flatbed, which the heavy material rests on. The flatbed is surrounded by four panels, which enclose the rectangular bed to form a box. One of the panels, that being the rear panel, is attached to the flat bed with hinges, so that one can open and close the hinges to on load and off load the objects. That is the normal design of the load box, although with drop sides allows more space to move around at the back of the flat bed by dropping the other side panels. The drop side bakkie, has the three panels which are attached to the flat bed with hinges, and can be collapsed when you want easier access or space in the load box. The panels can also be detached completely which allows you to transport even bigger objects granted that the objects are secured properly.

Safety First

Always remember to securely tie your objects to the structure of the load box, that is a safety precaution which cannot be overly emphasised. Objects must be securely tired, using ropes made for this type of transportation, and it must be secured to the load box using retention rings and cam latches. If goods are not safely secured to the load box they can fall off, and can cause damage to the object and also accidents. Rather take the time to secure your load properly before you take off.

Now you can see how the drop side bakkie, can make life even easier for you when on loading and off loading heavy goods. Remember with the transportation of any heavy objects to be careful, by securing your objects.

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